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What can possibly be more important than the safety of your family and home? National statistics confirm home intrusion is the number one crime Americans will face in their lifetimes. There are many benefits to a properly installed and monitored home alarm system. They range from the obvious prevention of loss to the peace of mind knowing you and your family are protected.

Diversified Systems brings you the latest in home security advancements. Our goal is to provide the safety and security you and your family need in today’s ever evolving world. As lifestyles change, your security system must change in order to provide the best protection available.

Call or Contact us today for details about the exciting new security tools that are right for you. It’s no longer just about your's all about your home's completely integrated security system.


 Do you need an alarm  system?   Why choose Diversified   Systems?  Some other reasons to  join the  Diversified  Team!

Regardless of where you live, the time has come for everyone to pay attention to their home and personal security. Homes without alarms are 4 times more likely to be burglarized. You are also similarly less likely to have personal contact with a criminal in or around your home. Plain and simple, there is no better way to deter home intrusion or theft. There is a good reason why most insurance companies provide discounts of approximately 20% to homeowners with alarm systems.

Diversified has been providing homeowners with alarm security for over 25 years. Our alarm systems are protecting thousands of homes everyday! We have been able to build a reputation of personal,  professional service with a track record of performance our customers trust and rely on. We know the security business and, with knowledge of your needs Diversified can provide you with a cost effective system within your budget and lifestyle.

  • If you already have a system installed and are looking to start monitoring.
  • If you are looking to add to your current alarm system.
  • If you have an older system and wish to make certain it is working properly.
  • If you are looking to add features such as cellular backup, remote systems access, CCTV cameras or extended service plans.

Digital Cellular Back Up:

The best security systems only work when a signal can be sent indicating a breakin. Professional burglars understand this fact and often times cut the phone lines in order to disable your system. Make your security system as burglar proof as possible by installing a new digital cellular backup. Contact us today to add this protection to your home!

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